What's New

Version 1.3.1 (October 16, 2010):

  • Adds support for TMS9918-based display modes, making games like F16 Fighting Falcon and Rozetta no Shouzou playable
  • Saving changes to controls is now automatic (no longer need to press X to save)


First released July 11, 2007
23,448 downloads total, 9 per day, on average (since November 15 2007)


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Sonic Spinball (Game Gear) Tale Spin (Game Gear) Bust-A-Move (Game Gear)
Wonderboy III (Game Gear) Samurai Shodown (Game Gear) Daffy Duck in Hollywood (Master System)
Altered Beast (Master System) Shinobi (Master System) Aladdin (Master System)

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