(C) 2007-2010 Akop Karapetyan

© 1998-2004 Charles MacDonald

SMS Plus PSP is a port of the SMS Plus emulator to the Sony PlayStation Portable platform. It’s written in C and uses GU (Graphical Utility toolkit) for rendering.

Table of Contents

  1. New Features
  2. Installation
  3. Time Rewinding
  4. Controls
  5. Compiling
  6. Version History
  7. Credits
  8. Thanks
  9. Support

New Features

Version 1.3.1 (October 16 2010)


Unzip into /PSP/GAME/ folder on the memory stick.

Game ROM’s may reside anywhere (the ROMS subdirectory is recommended, but not necessary). SMS+ PSP can load ROM’s from ZIP files.

Time Rewinding

Starting with version 1.2.55, SMS Plus PSP includes a “time rewind” feature, which allows you to rewind recent gameplay (approximately 20 seconds). Map ‘Special: Rewind’ to any PSP button to enable this feature.


The emulator currently comes with the following default key mappings:

During emulation:

Analog stick Directional pad up/down/left/right
Directional pad Directional pad up/down/left/right
[ ] (square) Button 2
X (cross) Button 1
O (circle) Spacebar
[L] +® Return to the emulator menu
START Pause/Start

By default, button configuration changes are not retained after button mapping is modified. To save changes, press X (cross) after desired mapping is configured. To load the default mapping press ^ (triangle).


Emulator’s source code is only available via a Subversion (SVN) repository. To check out a particular version, run

svn co

where version is the release version (for example, 1.2.1). Note that for this to work, you need to have Subversion installed.

To compile the emulator, you will need zlib (svn://) and libpng (svn://).

Version History

1.2.55 (January 18 2009)

1.2.5 (December 08 2008)

1.2.4 (September 11 2007)

1.2.3 (July 20 2007)

1.2.2 (July 14 2007)

1.2.1 (July 11 2007)


Charles MacDonald SMS Plus
Simon Tatham fixed.fd font on which the emulator’s font is based
Gilles Vollant Minizip library
Ruka PNG saving/loading code
DaveX Original time rewinding code


Chris Swindle for pointing out the reason behind the lag in the source of original SMS Plus PSP