What's New

Version (November 28, 2007):

  • ZIP file support for disk and tape images
  • Disk images can be saved, ejected and loaded without resetting the system (System tab)
  • Save state autoloading - any save state slot can be designated as the autoload slot (Options tab, disabled by default). Saved games in the autoload slot are loaded any time a game is loaded from the Game tab
  • CPC model is now correctly reset when modified via the System menu


Compiled for 2.00 and above
Compiled for 1.50
Source code (SVN)
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First released November 21, 2007
6,659 downloads total, 2 per day, on average


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The Sacred Armour Of Antiriad Gryzor Gabrielle
The Game of Dragons 1943 Obliterator
The Addams Family Mad Miner Saint Dragon

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