What's New

Version 0.71.15 (September 30, 2007):

  • Fixed a serious crash caused by having many long filenames in the same directory


Compiled for 2.00 and above
Compiled for 1.50
Source code (SVN)
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First released September 18, 2007


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Metal Slug: First Mission (NeoGeo Pocket Color) Crush Roller (NeoGeo Pocket Color) SNK Vs Capcom - Card Fighters Clash (NeoGeo Pocket Color)
The Last Blade (NeoGeo Pocket Color) Evolution: Eternal Dungeons (NeoGeo Pocket Color) Magical Drop Pocket (NeoGeo Pocket Color)
Puyo Pop (NeoGeo Pocket Color) Samurai Shodown (NeoGeo Pocket) Bust-A-Move Pocket (NeoGeo Pocket Color)

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