(C) 2009-2011 Akop Karapetyan

© 1998-2009 VICE team

VICE PSP is a port of the Versatile Commodore Emulator to the Sony PlayStation Portable platform.

Table of Contents

  1. New Features
  2. Installation
  3. Controls
  4. Tape and Disk Image Loading, Autoloading
  5. Save State Autoloading
  6. Known Issues
  7. Compiling
  8. Credits
  9. Thanks
  10. Version History
  11. Support

New Features

Version 2.2.15 (January 16 2011)


Unzip into /PSP/GAME/ folder on the memory stick.


The emulator currently comes with the following default key mappings:

Directional pad Up/Down/Left/Right Joystick Up/Down/Left/Right
Analog stick Up/Down/Left/Right Joystick Up/Down/Left/Right
X (cross) Joystick Fire
O (circle) Spacebar
Start Run/Stop
® Show virtual keyboard
[L] +® Return to the emulator menu

When the virtual keyboard is on:

Directional pad select virtual button
[ ] (square) press a virtual button
O (circle) ‘stick’ a sticky virtual button
^ (triangle) unstick all stuck virtual buttons

Certain virtual buttons are “sticky” – the virtual button remains held down when O (circle) is tapped. Tapping O (circle) again releases the virtual button. To unstick all sticky buttons, press ^ (triangle).

Keyboard mappings can be modified for each game. Button configuration changes are automatically retained after a mapping is modified. To set a mapping as the default mapping, press [ ] (square).

Tape and Disk Image Loading, Autoloading

Anytime you attempt to load a game from the Game tab, VICE PSP will reset the system; this is intended to make most games easily loadable.

To load tapes/disks without resetting the system, go to the System tab, select the Tape or Drive 8 menu option (depending on whether you want to load a tape or disk image), then press X (cross) to load another image. If a tape or disk image is already loaded, it will be ejected, and another one will be loaded in its place. To eject a loaded image, select an option, and press ^ (triangle).

To autoload a program (load a program from a mounted image directly), first load the image, then go to the System tab, highlight the Tape or Drive 8 menu option, and press [right]. Select a program from the list, and press X (cross) to autoload it. Note that autoloading will reset the system.

Save State Autoloading

VICE PSP can be configured to automatically load a saved game whenever a new game is loaded via the Game tab. To do this, specify one of the save state slots as the Autoload slot (Options tab). If a saved game exists in the specified slot, it will be automatically loaded.

Known Issues

Counter will sometimes report frames-per-second information incorrectly – this has to do with the sound rendering routine, which is shaky at the moment. Exiting to the emulator menu and returning will usually correct this.

When frame skipping is in effect, sound may “crackle”. This is also, most likely, a result of the above bug.


Emulator’s source code is available via a Subversion (SVN) repository. To check out a particular version, run

svn co

where version is the release version (for example, 2.1.1). Note that for this to work, you need to have Subversion installed.

To compile the emulator, you will need zlib (svn://) and libpng (svn://).




Special thanks to the members of #vice-dev for their help.

Version History

2.2.1 (January 02 2011)

2.1.21 (June 03 2009)

2.1.2 (June 01 2009)

2.1.1 (May 23 2009)